Liquidity You Can Trust

Arbelos Markets provides unprecedented access and transparency to our counterparties through powerful technology.

Our services

Exchange liquidity

Listed spot, options, and futures contracts across global exchanges.


Liquidity partners with AMM and CLOB platforms offering spot, derivatives, and exotic products.

Bilateral trading

OTC vanilla and exotic options.
Non-deliverable forwards and custom hedges.


Bespoke hedging & yield solutions for leading crypto foundations, projects, & companies.

Capital markets built for

the next crypto cycle

Investors & Partners

Our edge


Founding team with over two decades of experience in traditional markets and over a decade of experience in cryptocurrency markets.

Transparency Engine™

Proprietary risk dashboard and proof of solvency engine displaying unrivaled transparency to our counterparties.

Custom solutions

Our ultra low-latency systems and sophisticated pricing models provide tailor-made solutions to all of our partners and counterparties.

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